iCloud Unlock for iPad Air 2

Since iPad Air users are not robots, there is a tendency in them to forget their Apple ID or the password. Thus, it is a very common issue to forget the password or the ID of your Apple iPad Air 2.Thus, similar problems like what will I do if my iPad Air 2 got locked with an iCloud? Is there any way to unlock it? What are the methods of unlocking the iCloud in iPad Air 2? will arise in your mind daily. Don’t worry, we will not allow you to suffer from those questions anymore. Read this article first, then you will find the solutions for all your problems.

iCloud Unlock for iPad Air 2

What is iCloud Lock in an iPad Air 2 device and how to identify it?

You should know about how to identify an iCloud locked iPad Air device before you search for iCloud Unlocking tools right? So, first, let us identify what is iCloud lock and how to identify it.

Have you ever forgotten the Apple Id and the password of your iPad Air device and met with a lock screen where you could not get into the device? Or are you a second-hand iPad Air 2 buyer, who found that your newly purchased device is asking to supply an Apple Id and the password in which you have no idea of? Both the instances indicate that your iPad Air 2 has met with iCloud activation lock.

So, you can understand that this iCloud Lock is merely a safety strategy used by the Apple manufacture so that no one except the owner can not log into the device. Even if the owner has forgotten both Apple Id and the password, he or she also will be unable to use the device.

Similarly, what is special with this iCloud Activation lock is you can not remove it by using the other primitive methods like jailbreaking, resetting or even by running the battery flat.

So, isn’t there any way where you can remove the iCloud lock on your iPad Air 2? There is and that method is called iCloud Unlock or iCloud Removal for iPad Air 2.

Methods of iCloud Unlocking for iPad Air 2

There are three main methods which can be used to unlock your iPad Air 2.

  1. Hardware method
  2. Software method
  3. DNS method

Hardware method

This hardware method was a very popular method used by the mobile repairing people earlier when there was no advanced software to unlock the iCloud locks on iPad Air 2 and all the other Apple devices. However, now this method is very rarely used since it can make the owners void their warranty and also to lose the function-ability of some hardware.

Software method

this is the most commonly used method of unlocking iCloud of iPad Air 2.What happens here is that users download or get the services of iCloud Unlocking software or tools which are available in the web market and unlock their devices via them.

Here also, there are many iCloud unlocking software in the web market which will make you vulnerable to choose the among right them.

However, when choosing the right iCloud Unlocking tool, you need to concern about below things.

  • Safety
  • Accessibility
  • Cost
  • Time and speed

Online iCloud Unlock service, Doulci iCloud Unlock service, iDeviceunlocker, IMEI iPhone are some of such reliable tools for you.

DNS method

What happens here is, it converts the names of the websites which can be read by humans into computer reading numeric IP addresses. You may see that this process is quite difficult to understand for normal users. Yet, if you like, you can also use this method to unlock iCloud of iPad Air 2.

Hope now you have a better idea about iCloud unlock for iPad Air 2.

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